The Right Plan…

From conception to completion, Custom Refinements has the right tools and knowledge in place to keep your project moving forward. With our highly qualified staff, we take every aspect of your project to the next level. Thinking ahead and being prepared with open lines of communication between architect, designer, project manager, electrician, painter, plumber, accountant and everyone who works on your home! We pride ourselves on always being available for our clients.

  • Step 1: Call us  and set up a site visit
    All our projects begin with a meeting with you at your home. During this meeting we get a sense of the space we would be working in and understand first hand your goals! We discuss any challenges we may face and strategize how to manage them. Also at this meeting we discuss function and how to your maximize style.
  • Step 2: Develop a scope of workDuring this step we continue to discuss function and style while looking in to how to effectively achieve your objective. Many times with slight variations in placement we can make a smaller space feel bigger, and any room function at its highest potential. We also look into finer details of design and style.  What feel can we help you convey with this space by researching products, colors and designs that will bring it all together?
  • Step 3: Budgeting your projectAt Custom Refinements we pride ourselves on maximizing our client’s dollar in every aspect of the job. We take the budgeting process seriously. We work most projects on a cost plus basis and use historical cost data to build an accurate budget. It allows a win-win situation for all parties. We are motivated to meet your expectations. We also discuss scheduling.
  • Step 4: Work beginsAfter all the paperwork housekeeping, the fun begins.  Out comes the tools and we bring in our qualified and motivated staff to start work. Bringing your home remodel in ON TIME, ON BUDGET, and at the HIGHEST LEVEL of finish is our GOAL!  Understanding that the majority of our clients are second homeowners, we have developed an online system of communication that allows you, the homeowner, to always be in touch with the progress of your project. It is important to us that you feel involved and a part of the process at all times.
  •  Step 5: Welcome homeOnly until you, the homeowner, is completely satisfied with every detail do we consider our job a success! The entire Custom Refinements team is dedicated to providing you a home you will be proud to share with your family and friends.